Adorn Your Nose with the Right Jewelry

Styles of Jewelry for Your Nose Piercing

When you decide to get a nose piercing in Colorado, there are many jewelry types that can complement your new piercing. From nose bones, screws, to circular barbells or hoops, all of them will surely capture the eye of your friends. If you don’t already know what style of nose jewelry to select, you have come to the right place. Here are the most common styles of nose jewelry:


This is a small straight bar that can slide into a nose piercing easily. The beaded edge (small ball) keeps it in your nose securely. These are generally much smaller than other types of nose jewelry.

Screwstypes of nose jewelry

This is similar to the fishtail but has a curvy tail instead of a bent bar. It holds the jewelry in place by curling around the inside of the nostril. The nostril screw holds firmly and provides extra support to the piece.

Curve Barbells or Banana Bars

It is a variation of the ring that looks amazing when used as septum piercings. They can be threaded through the hole by unscrewing the ball edges.


Round jewelry that fits into the hole and is held in place. There are captive bead rings, seamless rings, segment rings, and screw on ball rings. This type of jewelry can be personalized depending on the measurement of the gauge.


A fishtail is composed of a straight post with an L-shaped bend that keeps the jewelry in place. The end of the L-bend can be a simple ball, stud or a unique design.

Regardless of the style of jewelry you choose, it is highly recommended to use non-allergic metals like titanium as your starter jewelry. Pay a visit to a professional piercer at Mantra Tattoo and ask Chris or Claire to tell you what length and gauge are ideal for your new or healed piercing.

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