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The art of marking the human body has been an intricate part of culture and society since the dawn of days. For it is our surroundings that most of the times end up being the focal inspiration point of our tattoos. Weather, wildlife, flora and the night sky are just some of the elements our forefathers had to base their art work on. Not only are tattoos a form of decoration but they have also served as religious amulets, wards against bad climate, political statements and even to brand slaves. Since we have the best tattoo artists in Denver, we would like to give you a look into tattoos and their place in ancient cultures.

The Pioneers

It was first thought that the ancient Egyptians were the first to tattoo their bodies. This due to evidence found on Ancient female mummies dating back to 2000 BC. A 1991 discovery completely dismissed that belief. On the Italian-Austrian border, Ötzi The Iceman was discovered. His markings have been dated to 5200 BC, making them the oldest tattoos known to mankind.

Ötzi the Iceman half uncovered, face down in a pool of water with iced banks
Ötzi the Iceman’s back tattoos, photographed by Helmut Simon while still frozen in the glacier in September 1991. Via Wikicommons.
Scythian tatoo.jpg
Scythian Tattoo“, under Fair use via Wikipedia.

Later cultures such as the Scythian Pazyryk of the Altai Mountain region are clear examples of early tattoos. In 1948, a 2400 year old body of a Scythian male was found. On his limbs and torso were tattooed a wide range of mythical animals. A latter discovery of a female body dating back to the same period also displayed the same kind of tattoos. Greek writer Herodotus wrote that Scythians and Thracians tattoos were “a sign of the person’s nobility”.

On the other hand both Romans and Greeks had a completely different meaning for their ink work. For in their tattoos or “stigmata” as they were then called, they would mark an individual as a possession. Either because they belonged to a religious sect or because they were slaves to a household or master, tattoos were used for this social purpose.

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