Mantra Tattoo’s quick look into Piercings

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Here at Mantra Tattoos we are proud to offer the highest quality piercings in Denver. From dermal piercings to our high end jewelry. With time piercings are becoming more and more accepted all over and we would like to show you some of the most common types.

nostril piercing

Double nostril by Randy M with Neometal jewelry – Anodized blue at the sh

 Choosing the right piercing

Piercing or body modification is a practice where the skin is pierced in order to place jewelry through the opening. The word can refer both to the act of piercing as well as the result. Through time we have seen mankind pierce most of their body parts. Starting from the face, you have a wide variety of parts that can be pierced. From you eyebrows to your tongue or maybe your ears and lips, it is all fair game.

On the torso we commonly see the nipples being pierced and dermal piercings on the hips, between women breasts and of course the navel. Most girls dream of having their navels pierced and beautiful jewelry to embellish it.

The lower part of the body is not so commonly pierced but the genital area is one that has been worked on for quite some time. A delicate area best worked only by professionals, people have been piercing their private parts for both aesthetic and sexual reasons.



body piercing

Lil’ Chris piercings – Septum

If you are a resident or are just visiting Denver, you need to come to the best piercing shop in town.

We are proud here at Mantra Tattoos of the quality products we offer. With the best tattoo and piercing artists, we can assure you wont be disappointed. We are the best premiere full service tattoo shop providing professional clean custom tattoos, piercings, and a large variety of jewelry and clothing. Open seven days of the week, we are just waiting for your visit.

Triple forward helix by Lil Chris with Neometal Jewelry

Triple forward helix by Lil Chris with Neometal Jewelry