Mantra Tattoo proudly brings you First Friday Art Show Party

What better way to start this new season with an all out art show and concert?

After a long and cold winter, March brings us a new season. Spring will start showing it’s colours in many shapes and forms. One of these forms is what the best tattoo shop in Denver is pulling off this upcoming Friday March 6. Back in town is First Friday Art Show Party. Mantra Tattoo is always looking into giving back to our community and uniting it. So what better way to start this new season with an all out art show and concert. Tennyson’s Tap know for its live music, art gallery, recording studio and it’s pub is the chosen venue.

We will be displaying artwork from artists of the Mantra crew. There will be kick ass live music and good vibes. Come check it out and party with us!

Mantra-Tattoo_Art-Show-June-2013_24What is  First Friday exactly?

Denver is not the only city in the US to host a First Friday. Cities such as Anchorage, Chicago, Honolulu, Knoxville, Phoenix and Pittsburgh share this event. As the name states it is always held the first Friday of the month but some cities have moved theirs to the first Saturday. Created to bring the community together sometimes at historical places now perceived as dangerous.  Different types of activities take place during First Friday’s such as art shows, public performances, social and political networking and even bar hopping. If you are in Denver this Friday you don’t want to miss the chance to see four great bands in a concert that will blow your mind. Cult of the Lost Cause, The Worth, Chingaso and The Sleer will be the ones in charge of doing so. The address is 4335 W 38th Ave at Tennyson’s Tap , so come by and be part of this great event.


Mantra-Tattoo_Art-Show-June-2013_20Why not get some ink or a piercing before the event?

At Mantra Tattoo you will find everything you need to get the tattoo you always wanted. Whether you’re looking to get a giant back piece or something small and special behind your ear, our artists are thrilled to help you get the tattoo you want. Opened seven days a week, Mantra is your Denver connection for tattoos, piercings, clothing and even custom tattoo machines.

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