Tax Return … Tattoo Fund!!!

So you did your taxes, filled all the necessary forms and made it through. Now your tax return is coming and the ideas start flowing … what to do with it? Let’s face it, you want a new tattoo and have been trying to get it for a long time. Suddenly your tax refund is now your Tattoo Fund! If you are looking to make it happen, either if it´s a new acquisition to add to your collection or if it’s your very first tattoo, Mantra Tattoo Studio is the place for you to go.


Our tattoo artists are all specialized in different kinds of tattoos, Brian is best in realism and black & grey, Geno is a master of Americana style. Ben Gun who works out of Colorado, Las Vegas and throughout the world has tons of experience and has mastered different styles. Jen, Kidd, Chris, Mike O and Ben Parker are also here to give you the best experience possible and a masterpiece that will last a life time.

We have the best tattoo artists in Denver, which are waiting for your visit and ideas to make the magic happen! If you wish to know how much you new tattoo is gonna cost you, visit our tattoo quote.

If you are not so sure on a tattoo or if you wish something else,  Mantra Tattoo Studio is APP certified and also offers the best piercings, dermal and high end jewelry in Denver. You can always schedule an appointment or just walk in and get ready for an awesome experience.

finest body jewelry

Spend your money wisely in the best tattoo shop in Denver

Schedule an appointment and get your ink from Ben and the crew. With the best tattoo and piercing artists, we can assure you that at Mantra Tattoo you wont be disappointed. We are the best premiere full service tattoo shop providing professional clean custom tattoos, piercings, and a large variety of high end jewelry and clothing. Open seven days a week, we are just waiting for your visit.


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