Celebrating Star Wars at Mantra Tattoo

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Star Wars is for many a religion, since its first release in 1977 it has been attracting more and more fans to their lines, either to the Sith or the Jedi side. This amazing saga was created by George Lucas 38 years ago. Based on the eternal fight between good and evil, in a galaxy far far away… and tattoo fans all around have used it as inspiration since.


As soon as the first movie was released it became a pop culture phenomena. Then two sequels were released within a three year interval. Any kid who was born in the 80’s watched Star Wars at least once and played with imaginary lightsabers, now they have their favorite characters or ships tattoo on them.

After all this time all the fans have been living their lives around the philosophy behind the movie and have created the Star Wars Day. May the forth be with you! Is a game of words based on the Jedi motto May the force be with you! So this week is the Star Wars week.

To each its own and a great way to celebrate this day is to get a tattoo of your favorite movie character. It can be a new take on a tradional illustration, or just a personalized tattoo from any scene of the movie.

At Mantra Tattoo Studio in Denver the best tattoo artists are ready to make your ideas a reality and celebrate your geekiness! Any excuse is good to get a tattoo and something as big a Star Wars ain’t the exception!

So get your inspiration going and head down to Mantra Tattoo, the best tattoo studio in Denver. Ben, Jen, Geno and the rest of the crew are waiting for you to come a visit the shop for an appointment or to check out our newest merchandise!

The Best Star Wars Tattoos in Denver!

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