Meet Brian Blalock, the Black & Gray Specialist

The man for Black & Gray photorealism tattoos

Black & Gray Cheetah shoulder tattoo by Brian BlalockBrian Blalock is a tattoo artist at Mantra Tattoo Lakewood Colorado. He loves doing Black and Gray photorealism, especially pieces of wildlife or landscapes.

He moved to Denver, with the desire of working in a studio where he could be surrounded by talented artists. Having a solid line-up of incredible artists, each specializing in their own niche, allowed him to bring the Black and Gray Realism in Denver to the table.

Artistic background and tattooing style

Brian has always enjoyed art, ever since he was in grade school. It was the only thing that kept him interested in class (even in classes not related to art). He started tattooing in Costa Rica back in 2011 when a tattoo machine was first put in his hands. Since then, he has been learning how to master this challenging yet rewarding art form.

Ever since he started drawing, Brian has always gravitated towards black and gray. Yet his tattooing style can include Black & Gray designs with splashes of color. He always recommends that the color is minimal if it is going to be added to a piece. Otherwise, it can look unbalanced.

”I’d say that what makes a good Black & Gray Tattoo is a good contrast and value with plenty of blacks.″Brian Blalock Tattoos_36

Blalock’s art medium of choice has always been pencil, charcoal, or pen. Even though, he would do color, he had always enjoyed black and gray a little more. He has always had an eye for little details or nuances and he is always pushing himself to convey those details into his tattoos.

Check out his amazing portfolio!

″Every day I feel like I learn a little more and the goal is to let those lessons make me into a better tattoo artist.

Best custom tattoos and piercing in Colorado

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Brian Blalock – Black & Grey and Realism specialist

Come visit us to get your custom tattoo designed by one of our experienced tattoo artists in Denver. Or pick up a nice piece of body jewelry and get pierced by one of our professional body piercers.

Brian works every day but Wednesday and Thursdays. He specializes in realism and black & gray. Please call the shop, or text cell to schedule an appointment.

Cell: 910.991.6103

Shop: 303.239.8282

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