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An ancient form of art

Tattoo is among humanity’s earliest artistic ways of expression. Cultures from every continent have embedded permanent dyes in their bodies for more than 5000 years—to capture life’s essence in the form of mystical-wards, status symbols, rites of passage, or simply as personal decoration. That tradition continues today.

Tattoo Styles

Gentle JenAbstract & Watercolor

Abstract tattoos are non-realistic tattoos that might use streaks of colors, unusual shapes and surreal imagery to represent something in an abstract, artistic, unique way.

Watercolor tattoos are a form of abstract tattoos that mimics splashes streaks or spots of color similar to splashing paint on a canvas. Often the tattoo might be realistic, or have lots of black lines, and the watercolor effect is added in the background or around the tattoo. Watercolor tattoos are often very colorful and are coupled with themes of nature, animals, and flowers.

Asian / Japanese

This is a very detailed style, usually with intricate designs that frequently are designed to cover a whole limb, back or body suit. Japanese tattooing follows a very strict set of rules regarding images used, positioning –our experienced tattoo artists will have a reason behind every little decision made down to the movement of waves and the way an animal might face. Cherry blossoms, dragons, geishas, koi fish, lotus flowers,  and war dogs are among the most common imagery.

Black & GreyBlack and gray

These are realistic or non-realistic tattoos that use only black ink and watered down black ink (to create gray). It is characterized by lots of shading, often fine lines and sometimes a dash of white for highlights.

Old School / Traditional / American Traditional

One of the most popular styles of tattooing today. Bold solid black outlines, a limited color palette (primary colors and black) and lots of space between lines (less detail)… these are tattoos that will last. Because they are typical, less intricate traditional tattoos, hold up over time extremely well. Frequently used symbols include roses, hearts, daggers, nautical themes, eagles, skulls, diamonds, women’s heads and ships.


This style uses bold outlines and lots of space to create tattoos that stand the test of time. Compared to Traditional tattoos, they are more detailed, more experimental with color and blending, more dimensional and definitely brighter – yet still adhering to the symbology and technique Traditional. Neo-Traditional might also merge different styles together, be elaborate and experimental and try to be as unique and custom as possible.Portrait


A tattoo that mimics exactly what you’d see in the real world as it replicates a person’s face onto someone’s skin is a fine art.

There are many other tattooing styles which include Tribal, New School, Dotwork, Geometric, Lettering, Realism, and Graffiti. Regardless the tattoo type of your preference, at Mantra Tattoo, we have professional tattoo artists that can help you achieve a perfect tattoo in any styles.

Get a perfect Tattoo in Denver at Mantra Tattoo

Wait no more, get your custom tattoo designed by one of our experienced tattoo artists in Denver, all of them do personalized work and will create the design from the ideas you give them until your perfect tattoo design is ready to be inked. We use only medical grade sterilization and always new needles on every tattoo and piercing. Our shop is fully inspected and regulated by the Jefferson County Health Department.

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