How to Sleep with a Recently Made Tattoo?

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Tips for Protecting Your New Tattoo While Sleeping

The most critical period for a tattoo to begin the healing process is within the first five days. During this time, your new tattoo is at the highest risk for an infection from everyday situations.

After the first few days, being very clean and safe while sleeping with your new body art, you can go about your normal routine of antibacterial soap, non-scented lotions or ointments. With that being said, here are some tips from Mantra Tattoo professional tattoo artists to avoid ruining your tattoo while you sleep.

Wash Your Pillows and Sheets

It is paramount to maintain your tattoo as hygienic as possible to ensure a successful healing process. Wash your pillows and sheets to keep them free of dandruff, dead skin, germs, dirt, and any other dangerous things. Dark color bed sheets are best to use as often you will stain bed sheets, pillows, clothes or anything that touches the fresh tattoo.

Wash Your Tattooprofessional tattoo artists colorado

Before you go to bed, always wash your tattoo following the aftercare instructions from your tattoo artist. Remember to let it dry before applying any lotion.

Cover It

You can cover your tattoo with a non-stick wrapping to provide a protective boundary between it and the bed, yet still, give the tattoo space to breath. Once you awake, remove the wrapping and wash it immediately with anti-bacterial foam wash.

Lift it Up

To prevent irritation and painful swelling, you should lift your body art while sleeping by putting a pillow under the area of your tattoo if it’s possible. The tattoo should be elevated higher than your heart to avoid further inflammation. Don’t sleep on your new tattoo, otherwise, you will end up delaying the healing time, reducing healing quality.

Now you know how to sleep with a new tattoo. If you don’t have one yet, visit Mantra Tattoo & Piercing studio in Colorado. We have the best tattoo artists in the area. Check out their portfolios to get inspired.