Bring Out Your Masculine Appeal with a Chest Tattoo

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Four Tips for Getting Your Chest Tattooed

Chest tattoos are very popular these days among men as they bring out the masculine appeal. Plus, it is a good excuse to take off your shirt!

Patience, good pain threshold, and an experienced tattoo artist are the main factors needed to get a chest tattoo. However, there are some other things you should consider before getting a custom chest tattoo.

Tattoo Size & Design

If this is your first tattoo, consider starting small. Chest tattoos hurt, especially as you get closer to the breastbone. However, if you have other tattoos, make sure the new design complements other tattoos near the chest.

custom chest tattooWhen you want a design that requires a larger body area, this is a perfect location to consider. You can show off your unique artwork at the gym, beach, pool, or whenever you think the time is right. The good news is that chest tattoos can be covered by shirts and other pieces of clothing.

Whether it is a small tribal tattoo or a big koi design, you must choose the design according to your taste. Speak with your tattoo parlor to come up with a custom design.

Consider How it Will Affect Your Life

This comes down to your work environment. If your company has strict rules against tattoos, you should take some precautions. This means, wearing high necked shirts or any other pieces of cloth to cover your art. If not, think about a place that will make the tattoo-less of a conflict with your professional life.

Be Prepared

You should be prepared for the healing time that could take up to two weeks. Keep in mind that you constantly move the skin over your chest in day-to-day functions, so don’t be surprised if it hurts every time you move your arms!

Find the Right Tattoo Artist

Getting a chest tattoo requires high artistic skill. Therefore, you should find the right artist to do the job. At Mantra Tattoo & Piercing shop we have a team of tattoo artists that are skillful in several tattoo styles, will know exactly what you want to achieve and do their best to make a tattoo you can feel proud of.

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