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It doesn’t matter if you’re a native, new resident or just a visitor, there’s no doubt that the majesty of Colorado can be inspiring. From the beauty of nature in the mountains, down to the gritty city life, Colorado offers something for everyone. So much so that it often inspires people to commemorate their Colorado experience with a tattoo. Below, you’ll see some examples of Colorado tattoos that the artists here at Mantra have had the pleasure to create.

This first tattoo is an homage to Casa Bonita, done by Chris Yaws. The iconic restaurant was opened in 1975 and according to their website, it took approximately one year to create Casa Bonita. The famous pink tower stands at 85 feet tall and the dome is covered with 22-karat gold leaf and features a statue of the last Aztec emperor – Cuauhtémoc. The fountain in front was shipped in pieces from Mexico. The attraction is most certainly a Denver icon and a beloved childhood memory for most Denverites. It was even  humorously immortalized in the television show South Park (Season 07, episode 11). Chris really brings it home on this piece.

Casa Bonita Denver Colorado Tattoo by Chris Yaws


Our next tattoo was created by Mike O’Farrell and utilizes Denvers original area code ‘303’ creatively. Inside the numbers, you have the Denver Broncos logo, the Denver skyline and the Colorado flag. The bold colors and solid outline make for a most dynamic Denver tattoo. This client will always remember exactly where he came from.

303 Denver Colorado Tattoo by Mike O’Farrell


Mike Alan incorporates the beauty of Colorado scenery into a black work tattoo. The compass at the bottom anchors the piece and reminds us to never lose sight of the path.

Colorado Mountain Geometric Tattoo by Mike Alan











Sometimes simplicity is the best approach. Daniel Juarez planted this sweet little silhouette of a pine tree on her shoulder.

Colorado Pine Tree Silhouette Tattoo by Daniel Juarez


Continuing with the nature theme, Jen Mattheson incorporates a bear with geometric lines. Although grizzly bears are no longer found in Colorado, it is still home to many black bears.

Colorado Geometric Bear Tattoo by Jen Mattheson











One of the most recognizable images from Colorado is the state flag. Geno Somma created this clean, simple tattoo using the colors of the state flag which are said to represent the blue skies, white capped mountains, golden sunshine and redness of the soil in our beautiful state.

Colorado Flag Tattoo by Geno Somma


Kidd brings the impression of  the warmth of a sunny Colorado day with this color mountain tattoo.

Color Mountain Tattoo by Timothy Kidd


A style gaining in popularity, here’s another take on a black work geometric mountain tattoo with fine line flowers by Jake Spaur.

Colorado Geometric Mountain Tattoo by Jake Spaur

Whatever your style is, the artists at Mantra are here to help you dream up your best Colorado tattoo!

At Mantra Tattoo, we have a team of amazing tattoo artists that can help you get the design to suit your personality and individuality. Check their tattoo portfolio to get inspired. You can also come down to the shop to speak with one of our artists and get your new tattoo started today! The shop is open every day and we welcome walk-ins.

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