All You Need to Know About Piercings During Pregnancy

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Do You Have to Give Up on Your Belly Piercing During Pregnancy?

The straight answer is no. If your belly piercing is healed and healthy, there is no need to remove it. However, if it has not healed yet and starts to become red, weeping, or inflamed, it is strongly suggested to take the piece of jewelry out to reduce the risk of infection.

If you have to remove it entirely, just run the piece through the hole every few days to keep it from closing. Or you can also consider swapping it with a belly bar made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This kind of jewelry is flexible, which makes it a lot more comfortable. Plus, they can be cut to the size that fits your growing tummy, and in case the piercing does close, you can always get it redone.

What About Other Sensitive Location Piercings?

Nipple Piercings

Even though your breasts will become more tender during the process, you do not need to remove jewelry from your nipples unless you want to, or when you are going to breastfeed once you are a mum.

Clitoral Piercings

Normally, this type of piercing does not cause any inconveniences during pregnancy. However, it is best to take it out for labor. You do not want it to get caught while giving birth.

Getting a New Piercing

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If you are considering getting a new piercing during this time, it is best to wait a few months after the baby arrives. Every time you get in contact with a needle you run a small risk of infection. There is also the possibility of your body rejecting the new piercing as a foreign object, and so the wound will not heal.

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