Horror Realism Tattoos in Denver: a popular art form & choice of ink

Celebrate your favorite monster or villain all year round!

Chris Yaws tattoo
Chris Yaws tattoo

Horror movies have thousands of fans worldwide, and the villains and all kinds of monsters they feature are great inspiration for scary realistic tattoos. Many genre lovers carry their favorite characters inked on their bodies, making horror realism tattoos and horror movie tattoos rather popular choices.

With the Halloween celebrations just around the corner, now is the perfect timing to get yours done! Come to Mantra Tattoo & Body Piercing in Lakewood and get your horror movie tattoo custom-designed for you and inked by a professional tattoo artist.

Some horror tattoo ideas

Horror tattoos can range from a small tattoo of a scary monster, to a whole collection of horror characters or themes on a half or full sleeve tattoo, or even a whole back piece.

There are countless characters and items from horror movies, monsters and hardcore villains that are perfect for immortalizing in ink wherever you want on your body. Some examples are:

Hannibal Lecter; Freddy Krueger; Leatherface; Chucky; Frankenstein; Zombies (which are so popular lately); Vampires; Werewolves; Demons; the old timers Skulls & Skeletons and Scary Clowns, to name a few. You could even pick your favorite character from any movie or TV show and have them horrori-fied as a tattoo, for example Homer Simpson or even Mickey Mouse!

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