United Magnetic: A Brotherhood of Tattoo Machine Builders

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Custom-Built High-Quality Tattoo Machines

High quality tattoo machines

UM at Steel City Tattoo Convention in Pittsburg – Ben Gun in action

United Magnetic is a collective brotherhood and outfit of professional and experienced tattoo machine builders, which came together as a concept idea inspired by some of the past members of the original Machine Builders Syndicate and Ben Gun (namely Timothy Kidd, Boda and Ben Gun). They wanted to have something similar in today’s industry that would bring quality builders together to share passions and skills with each other, and also to challenge one another to innovate the field.

All of UM’s members share a vision to create the machines with a focus on hand craftsmanship, quality over quantity, and function before form. All machines are hand built, tuned and guaranteed by each and every individual builder.

United Magnetic is not a company but more of an Outfit or fraternity, with support of all its members from all of its members. Their goal is to build tattoo machines that stand apart and make a serious difference for artists in the industry today. They are also an institution dedicated to collecting and preserving industry history, knowledge, photos, art, trade secrets and great old stories in hopes to preserve them for the future generations of the trade.

Even though the brotherhood is still in its early stages, it is already comprised of the following members: Ahren Bloomquist, Boda, Ben Gun, Cory Lenher, Carl Brennalt, Josh Ford, Robie Sayan, Timothy Kidd & Steve Turner.

You can custom order the machine of your preference from their website. Most machines are made when ordered, so keep in mind it needs to be built and finished before shipping it. United Magnetic tattoo machines are only available to legitimate professional tattoo artists that currently work in a real licensed tattoo shop, which will be verified before processing the order.

Tattoo machine build-off competitions & presence in Tattoo Conventions

United Magnetic is planning to bring build-off competitions to the industry, as to motivate and challenge modern builders and also to push the limits and innovate the standard. Each builder is given two months to build an incredible tattoo machine, and all builders are required to tattoo at least one banger to prove the machine can produce quality results. Of course, also having a great time together during these build-offs is a must!

Recently, United Magnetic was present at the Steel City Tattoo Convention in Pittsburg on September, and at the Portland Tattoo Expo in October.

High quality machines

United Magnetic custom hand made tattoo machines

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