Can’t miss: The Baby Dolls Premiere Party in Denver!

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Come celebrate with us at the Tattoo Classic Holiday Party & Art Show tomorrow!

Tomorrow is First Friday in Denver and that means it’s a night full of art, fun and good people. Except this time it gets even better because Mantra Tattoo & Body Piercing will be having the Tattoo Classic Holiday Party & Art Show, with the cherry of the cake being The Baby Dolls Premiere Presentation!!

So make sure you join us for a night full of fun, art, friends and beautiful tattooed models!

tattooed models

The Baby Dolls

The Baby Dolls is a new modeling and fashion project/agency, brought to be from Emily Dearheart (the Wild Girls) and Ben Gun (Mantra Tattoo owner).

Booking babes from London to Tokyo, New York to L.A; the Baby Doll’s focus is on alternative tattooed beautiful women and all the great artistic endeavors they can achieve. They can perform on a variety of events, from party hosting to fashion shows and photography, to straight forward marketing.

They are a celebration of art and culture, but “The Baby Dolls ain’t your baby”, so keep your eyes peeled!

What, Where, When??

The Holiday Party and Art Show is set to start at 8pm on Friday December 5th at:

3 Kings Tavern 
60 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209
(303) 777-7352

There will also be bands playing live: Mega Blue Stallion, The Trade-Ins and The Born Readies; and since mixing music is also another way of art, there will be DJs spinning at the art show: DJ Max Renn & DJ Osama Spinladen.

December 5th Holiday Party

We hope to see you all there having fun and enjoying art!

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December 5th party

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