Friday 13! What better day for a Tattoo and a great Party?

Join us for FREE TEQUILA at our customer appreciation party – starting at 6pm

Friday 13 has been seen as a bad luck day not only because of the number 13, but also the day Friday is considered unfortunate to many. Based mostly on the Christian traditions, the combination of both the day and the number makes the date fatally unlucky. Even at a tarot reading the numerals XIII are supposed to denote death. This bad luck stigma that has followed the number 13 seems to still have some impact today. Buildings wont have a 13th floor and hotels wont have a room with that number.



December guest artist
Arm tattoo by Eddword

Number 13 is seen as a symbol of life, fertility and prosperity for some cultures


Among tattoo artists getting a tattoo of an unlucky symbol or number has the reverse meaning and it’s considered positive. Probably because tattoos and superstition have shared a stigma thanks to the reputation of rockers and sailors.  Maybe because in the same way the tattoo community embraces the body modification as something beautiful, the unlucky becomes lucky.

For this date many tattoo artists prepare a special set of lucky charms to protect you.  Come to the best tattoo shop in Denver and be a part of this misunderstood day’s event. Don’t be one of those people that doesn’t even get out of bed on this date. Get up and get visit the best tattoo and piercing artists in the area. Ben, Steven, Chris and the rest of the crew will be there waiting for you to give you some ink to commemorate this occasion.



guest artist
Tattoo by Delshay at Mantra

 Come to Mantra this Friday 13 and challenge superstitions with us.

Come enjoy free cocktails & great music with the Mantra crew, tonight at our Mantra Tattoo customer appreciation party! Complimentary tequila and an ice luge provided by our Peligroso Tequila friends. We want to show all our clients our appreciation for all the support and business throughout the years. Hope to see you all at the shop, we’ll start partying at 6pm!

Schedule an appointment and get your ink from Ben and the crew. With the best tattoo and piercing artists, we can assure you that at Mantra Tattoo you wont be disappointed. We are the best premiere full service tattoo shop providing professional clean custom tattoos, piercings, and a large variety of high end jewelry and clothing. Open seven days a week, we are just waiting for your visit.



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