Dermal Implant Piercings at Mantra Tattoo

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At Mantra Tattoo we offer Dermal Implant single point piercings performed by seasoned piercing professionals. Among the many piercing that we perform here, Dermals are some of the most unique. The fact that dermal piercings can be placed almost anywhere on the body makes them one of the most versatile piercings and opens up a lot of opportunities to create a custom look! In our shop we provide only the best and highest quality jewelry made up of implant grade titanium metal. To be sure that our clients have no concerns with allergic reactions and can rest assure that their jewelry is safe for their bodies. We have a huge selection of different tops for dermal piercings including titanium disks, gems & stones, CZs, and even real 14k gold. Stop by today and get your dermal done by some of the best piercers in the industry! FullSizeRender (36)

How Dermal Single Point Piercings Work

Single point piercings are installed using a punch or freehand needle technique to make a small indentation into the skin. From there an anchor with a “foot” is inserted under the skin that has a threaded female post which protrudes just over the surface of your skin where a threaded male top would then thread into it! These piercings cause a lot less trauma to your body then one might think and typically heal very well as long as they are done properly by an experienced professional. The removal procedure is simple and takes less than a minute to perform. There are a lot of myths out there about dermal piercings but the truth is they are some of the easiest and safest piercings that you can do! Be sure to ask your piercer before consulting online to stay well informed with any questions you may have!

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Jewelry Options for Dermals

Here at Mantra Tattoo we stock only the highest quality jewelry from the most reputable companies in the industry! We offer jewelry from companies like neometal, Leroi, Industrial Strength, Anatometal, Body Gems, and Buddha Jewelry. We have a wide selection of options for dermal tops ranging in sizes and colors. From CZs with swarovski crystal to rare stones and synthetic opal, you can be sure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. We can even use CZ clusters, Priums, Flowers with CZ or opal stones, and 14k gold pieces. Our piercers are here every day to help you with any of your piercing needs and love creating new custom looks with all of our jewelry options. We also anodize our titanium here which means we can change the color of the metal to do unique custom color combinations to compliment the color of the CZs, opals, or stones in your jewelry! FullSizeRender (37)


We accommodate walk-ins. If you are interested in getting your next tattoo just stop by the shop for a consultation. Call with any questions or to setup an appointment. Be sure to check our shop instagrams to see their portfolios! @Mantratattoo