Get Your Conch Pierced at Mantra Tattoo

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Here at Mantra Tattoo we have our own private piercing studio right inside our shop. We also offer a huge selection of jewelry from the finest companies in the industry. Any piercing you can think of, we can do! Conch piercings are a very cool and unique piercing to get done and one of the easiest spots in your ear to do! Stop by the shop today and speak with one of our piercers today. They are here every day 12-8pm and walk-ins are always welcome. fullsizerender-62


The conch is located directly in the center of your ear. There are virtually unlimited options for jewelry with this particular piercing. Which makes it awesome because we can customize a piece of jewelry unique to you! You can do a piercing with a stud with one of our synthetic opal, stone, or CZ gems and we even have stylish tops in many different designs that are 14k gold! Other options include different kinds of hoops such as a full captive hoop or a curved barbell (horseshoe) hoop. We can even add opal stones, gems, or gem clusters in place of the standard metal captive ball or bead. Lastly, we can do a conch punch where we would be able to install a larger guage plug into your conch right away! We also anodize our titanium right here in the shop at no extra cost to you, meaning we can change the color of the metal for you and do different combinations of colors to extenuate the piece of jewelry. The possibilities are endless!



If you’re interested in getting your next piercing with us here at Mantra Tattoo step into the shop before we cruise out and take a look at all of our portfolios. We accommodate walk-ins. Call with any questions or to setup an appointment. Be sure to check our shop instagram to see more of our tattoos and stay up to date with events and things going on at @Mantratattoo

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