Honor Your Pet by Getting a Pet Portrait Done at Mantra Tattoo!

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What better way to honor your pet that you love and cherish than to get a pet portrait tattoo here at Mantra Tattoo? We have several artists here at the shop that love doing them. They can also offer a custom drawing or painting of your pet in any size that you choose to either go along with your tattoo or just as a completely seperate piece of art for you to keep and hang in your home.



There are a few different styles of art or tattoos that our artists can do so don’t worry you are not limited to only realistic or only an illustrated version for your tattoo or painting. The artists here at Mantra Tattoo will work with you to create something to your liking that is 100% original. Wether it be for a pet that has past away or for a pet that is still with you, we are happy to help. Take a look at Michael O’farrel’s instagram here @dazzlefritz He has recent pictures of dog and other animal illustrations and tattoos he has done. If you’re hoping for more of a black & grey and realistic style for your tattoo or drawing take a look at Brian Blalock’s instagram @blalocktattoo



We accommodate walk-ins. If you are interested in getting your tattoo or artwork started just stop by the shop. Call with any questions or to setup a consultation and appointment. Be sure to keep up on our social media pages and stay up to date on everything that is happening at Mantra Tattoo! @mantratattoo

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