Get a Floral Tattoo This Coming Spring

Give Your Body Art a Whole New Meaning with Flowers

Spring is around the corner, and many people look forward to doing spring-cleaning, or start planning for the perfect summer trip, or to go shopping. However, in the tattoo world, many people start looking for a floral tattoo. So, if you are a tattoo lover and want to get new art on your body, check out some of the most popular flowers that bring meaning to your body art.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

These beautiful and delicate flowers were introduced to the tattoo world by the Japanese. They symbolize the changing nature of life. The flowers allude the temporary nature of things, as cherry blossoms fly away with the minimum wind.

Lotus TattooLotus Tattoo

Lotus flowers are tied to the Hindu and Buddhist religion. They represent knowledge, understanding, enlightenment, and life. If you are looking for a spiritual meaning, these flowers offer a large spectrum of possibilities.

Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo

In the past, rose tattoos where used as a kind of symbol of a sailor’s girlfriend, wife, or mother. Nowadays, roses are used to express different emotions, depending on the color of the flower. In general, it represents love and passion, when the color is red. But, just the flower itself also represents balance and symbolizes incessant hope, love, and new beginnings. If you add the stem with thorns, it brings additional meaning, symbolizing loss, defense, and thoughtlessness.

Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower TattooThis flower is linked to the ancient Inca civilization who used it as a symbol of the sun good. In Western civilization, it is a common flower to express warmth, happiness, and creation.

These are the traditional meanings of flower tattoos. If you want to learn more about floral designs, contact Mantra Tattoo professionals.

Want to Get an Amazing Floral Composition?

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