Piercings at Mantra Tattoo By Cory Clinton

Today we want to spotlight our piercer extraordinaire, Cory Clinton! Cory has been a part of the Mantra family since 2017 and we recently sat down with him to pick his brain on his beginnings, interests in the industry and finding out just what makes an amazing piercer, like himself. Cory is available for piercings 5 days a week by walk-in or by appointment. Call the shop for more details 303.239.8282.

Q: How did you get into piercing?

A: Piercings really caught my eye in high school. After spending about a year in surgical tech school following that, I found a promising piercing apprenticeship and have been piercing full time since.


Q: What are your favorite piercings to do?

A: All of them! Every piercing is an expression of that individual and I love to be a part of the process!I do really enjoy working with clients to plan out multiple ear piercings projects. Ears are diverse, and with almost endless jewelry options, we can create pieces unique to the individual. Some times a single piercing turns into a few over time and in the end we end up with a beautiful decorated ear.


Q: Are there any piercings you won’t do?

A: If a piercing is unsafe, wont heal, or can cause harm to the client I won’t do it. Outside of that I’m happy to have a conversation about any piercing.

Q: What makes a great body piercer?

A: I’ll answer that question by answering another and I think that would be: “What makes a great piercing?”

It starts by being informed.
Piercer client communication goes a long way. The piercer should provide information on the piercing and process. It’s always ok to ask your piercer questions!
Jewelry quality
I believe that when it comes to wearing jewelry in the body that if it’s not the best, it shouldn’t be there. We use all American made implant grade materials for all of the piercings we do and the jewelry we sell. Anything less than that is a risk we aren’t willing to take and neither should the client.
The procedure
Cleaning, marking, and prepping is a major step in the process.
When marking any piercing there’s some criteria I like meet. The piercing should really flow with and accent the clients features. It should look like it was always supposed to be there. And second, making sure the piercing is being placed in a safe location that optimal for easy quick healing. After marking and client is prepped, the piercing itself is a quick process. I generally like to communicate with my client on everything I’m doing so we remain on the same page. Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and your piercing is about done!
The most important step. New piercings take time to heal and varies from piercing to piercing. It’s crucial that the client knows how to care for their new piercing. The piercing generally end with a discussion on what aftercare looks like and the specifics of your piercing. You’ll receive this in writing as well for reference. Taking great care of your piercing makes the difference and leads to an easier quicker heal.

Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Thanks, Cory! All of here at Mantra are pleased to have Cory representing us. As a client, you’ll be super pleased with his attention to detail, expertise and bedside manner.
Cory is available for piercings 5 days a week either by walk-in or appointment by clicking this link or by calling the shop at 303.239.8282.  You can view his portfolio on Instagram.

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