Single Points: an interesting form of body piercing

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Dermal piercings

Single point using a pink & mint green Swarovski zirconia titanium threaded flower end. The other 2 are healed – By Luke H

A one-way-in body adornment

Single point piercings

Healed dermal piercings performed by Luke H

Single point piercings, or microdermals, are a relatively new and fast becoming popular type of body piercing. They are characterized for the piercing being inserted directly into the skin, with no way out.

These piercings are becoming very popular because they are small, very decorative, easy to implant; and have the advantage of almost limitless placement options, given that they are not placed in areas of high movement or that get knocked or banged often. You can even have multiple single point piercings done and create unique patterns.

How are they done?

microdermal anchors

IS dermal bases with holes & adorned jewelry heads

A dermal anchor, which is a tiny flat piece of metal that resembles a foot, holds the piercing in place. This anchor needs to be implanted under the skin, and an internally threaded post will protrude slightly from the surface, allowing the jewelry top to be screwed in and making it easy to change once it’s healed, to achieve your desired look. Sometimes the anchor’s flat part has small holes in it, which allows for the healing tissue to grow through the holes and provide a firmer hold.

Microdermal anchor base

IS titanium dermal bases

There are two basic ways to create the small hole for the dermal anchor to be inserted: with a regular piercing needle or with a dermal punch. The dermal punch seems to be the best and least traumatic way to create it, but they can still be done safely and effectively with the needle, as long as it’s done by a careful and experienced piercer such as the ones we have at Mantra Tattoo & Body Piercing.

Titanium is the best choice of material for the anchor piece, since it has a low rejection rate. There are a lot of choices for the jewel that is visible on the skin, but remember that it can only be changed once the dermal anchor wound has healed, which for this type of piercing can take from 8 to 12 weeks.

Single point piercing

Single point piercing in chest tattoo by Luke H using I.S. jewelry with low profile prongset threaded end

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